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Every designer is proud to design for a brand as cool as Under Armour. These are product and packaging concepts that we pitched to them last year in hopes to expand the business we currently do for them.

I lead a small group on this project; myself (Art Director), Elyse Todd (Senior Graphic Designer) and Cameron Evans (Structural Designer). Together we came up with unique these packaging concepts.

One element that I am proud of is the use and creation of product concept imagery instead of photography to represent the product on the packaging. Seat covers, steering wheel covers and floor mats aren't the most action filled products. By themselves, they can appear stagnant and out of place. Concept sketches have an inherent feeling of movement and action that was necessary to build the bridge between auto accessories and athletic performance.

I am really excited with the package concepts we were able to create together. I think it goes to show that the real power behind creativity is collaboration.

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