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Huk is an up and coming new brand that is exploding across the fishing industry. One of the reasons for their success is that their performance apparel is geared for both inland and offshore fishermen. Recently, they decided to branch off into other product categories, including Auto accessories, and I had the opportunity to create packaging for those products.

I had a few main objectives when I started this project. The first was to design the packaging in an eye catching way that would set it apart from other seat covers sold on the same shelf. I accomplished this by having one corner of the packaging face angled in, so the package was a unique shape. I also used the angled section of the package to highlight the fishing pattern used on the product. 

The next objective was to create an interactive experience for the customer. This package is designed with a new message on each face. It can be shelved to show English only on one side, and French/Spanish on the the other side. It also has a side entirely dedicated to features and fit and another side that is about the lifestyle.

Despite the rushed nature of this project, I am happy with the thought and purpose I was able to design into each element of these packages. 

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