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In 2015 the sales team at SPG decided that instead of showing different catalogs for each brand and category that that we offered product in, that it could make a more impactful presentation to combine them.

This was the beginning of an interesting design challenge. Instead of representing each brand or category on its own merit, we would need to come up with a visual language that could unite them all under the SPG umbrella. At the tine, there were eight product categories and 10 individual brands. 

The outcome was a 312 page volume. We used divider tabs to help navigate from brand to brand, and intro spreads that highlighted the features that each product category had to offer. 

I lead a team of 3 designers in creating this catalog. It was a great experience that required me to learn how to coordinate many smaller moving parts of a large project and to create processes to reduce error and build uniformity. It also expanded my knowledge of the printing industry and its capabilities. 

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